BBC Newsnight (21 Sep 2015) reports big changes in Western approach to Syria due to recent Russian activities

BBC Newsnight sounds a bit surprised at changing of events surrounding Syria.

Personal View:

Putin appears to be taking Syria by the scruff of the neck. The timing by Putin makes us in the West look a bit silly, again.

Top British military official says Cameron has been incompetent regarding foreign policy on Libya and Syria.

Apparently, staff at the MOD have ‘long been of the view’ to support Assad strategically although I find this a remarkable statement from Mark Urban considering no main stream media outlet has ever mentioned this before that I am aware of.

Also the video showing some Russian jets arriving has been available on LiveLeak and Youtube which is where this and much of the other footage that the BBC uses comes from.

They crop the video to take the youtube or Liveleak watermark off.

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