So why the mass refugee and migrant crisis? (Part 2)

Personal View – Part 2:

Regarding Libya, we intervened rightly or wrongly but did not seem to have a plan and strategy in place to provide sufficient funding and support for the inevitable trouble and upheaval that follows overthrowing a country’s leader or dictator (the precedent was already there – see Iraq).

However, despite claiming ‘lessons have been learned’ from Iraq, Libya is now a failed state with the officially recognised government sidelined in the far east of the country and proving completely irrelevant.

As well as plan A, there needs to be a plan B, C, D, E etc. for all possible eventualities once the government of the time has been bombed into oblivion, I thought that ‘lessons have been learned’ may mean this, but clearly not.

Regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, plenty has been written and observed that give clear evidence of the multiple errors, miscalculations, misunderstandings, arrogance, greed, lack of planning and enormous wastage of tax payers money.

Examples of this can be found within The WIDER View website under the relevant categories.

One common theme that does come out of recent ‘interventions’ seems to be a complete lack of planning and the short-sighted reactionary policies that follow when the situation changes.

Situations will inevitably change when taking part in war and regime change. History has taught us that the middle east runs along ethnic, religious and tribal lines – a common theme in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan especially and always fragile at the best of times.

So are we reaping what we the West helped sow in these country’s? Is it all coming back to bite us? It could be although the US seems to have escaped a lot of this at least in the short-term given their geographic location.

I think the politicians involved are all fully aware of this but along with the main stream media are avoiding talking about or focusing on any of it. It would portray them as utterly incompetent to their electorate, they certainly don’t want that to happen, they want to be re-elected.

The main stream media and politicians will continue to focus on the here and now which is necessary as something needs to be done here and now, but the root causes should also be focused on closely as lessons apparently still need to be learned.

The civilians of these countries pay the over whelming price of this upheaval and the politicians involved directly and indirectly pay none.

The long-term effects from this are enormous and could well change Europe for good. The EU is showing its cracks regarding political union as country’s naturally resort to protecting their own positions. They have their own interests and electorate to satisfy.

Here are a few links below as well as the BBC News link above showing the lack of focus on our obvious role in the destabilization and deterioration of these Country’s.

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