Jihadist’s and Rebels working together

Vice News reporting on the  Jaish al Fatah (Army of Conquest) coalition back in May 2015. It again shows the blurring of lines between moderate and fundamentalist groups. A complicated picture and not the simpler version that main stream media present of either IS or Assad.

It also highlights the fact that the more extreme groups are leading the fights, they are better trained, better equipped and proven to be more effective. These fundamentalist groups still want much the same as IS do, they just don’t see IS as legitimate.

The difficulty is that groups like this working closely together will inevitably build bonds and sympathies regardless of views, especially fighting for each other in conditions such as the brutal war in Syria.

Who knows, maybe it could work both ways and cause some to leave radical groups also.

Another example was the formation of the military operation room Ansar al Shari’a in Aleppo consisting of fundamentalist Islamic groups and Western deemed moderate groups in July 2015.

Its aims are: ‘to liberate the city of Aleppo and its countryside and to endeavor with the other factions to develop a joint charter to govern Aleppo after liberation according to Islam rules.’

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