What is happening in Yemen?

Brief Overview of current situation:

On the one side is the Revolutionary Committee consisting of the Zaidiyyah Shia group Ansar Allah known as the Houthi’s, former military personnel and armed groups loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. On the other side is the Southern Movement, Al Islah and military personnel loyal to the government of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

On going airstrikes that commenced in March 2015 by the Saudi led coalition, following a surge south by the Houthi’s and their affiliates, are now accompanied by boots on the ground from the Saudi led coalition who have crossed into Yemen.

The Saudi led coalition’s operation has caused notable damage to the Houthi’s as well as alleged indiscriminate killing of civilians through airstrikes on built up areas and from failing to allow supplies through its aerial & naval blockade.

Despite this the Houthi’s are continuing to fight the Saudi led coalition both in Yemen and now across the border in southern Saudi Arabia, allegedly attacking military convoys and checkpoints, destroying equipment and taking hostages.

As the conflict escalates it is continuing to be fueled by Iran backing the Houthi’s on one hand and Saudi Arabia, the US and a number of African and Gulf states on the other.

Throw into the mix IS and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) trying to capitalize on the degrading situation and you have a really bad situation that’s getting even worse.

Below are a few links from varying sides of the ongoing war in Yemen which is only getting worse.

  • Youtube video Euro News report (15 Sep 2015) – Aircraft pound Sanaa as coalition forces close in on Yemeni capital:
  • Youtube video Al Jazeera report (26 Aug 2015) – Saudi Arabian ground troops cross into Yemen:

Video examples of alleged Houthi’s and their affiliates attacking Saudi coalition forces from LiveLeak & Youtube:

Video examples of alleged Saudi coalition forces attacking Houthi’s and their affiliates from LiveLeak & Youtube:

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