Civilians in Raqqa are fearful of Russian airstrikes

Article by the website Raqqa is being Slaughtered Silently describing the fear of residents from Russian airstrikes that have apparently killed civilians. It is written in slightly broken English but definitely eligible.

It describes civilians suggesting that the aircraft seen recently are not Syrian due to performance and payload.

This may be correct but don’t forget US coalition strikes have also taken place in and around Raqqa for some time, so it probably would be difficult to say for sure unless the type of aircraft or markings were clearly visible

It then highlights the dilemma faced by civilians of possibly having to move to different areas to avoid attacks like others that have already moved, interestingly this includes government controlled areas also.

It goes on to say that there may be discourse in the ranks of IS, some may be thinking bout moving to the Al Nusrah Front to fight the Russians.

This indicates that the Nusrah Front are fairly close to Russian positions and Syrian Army front lines. It would also tie in with this earlier post on The WIDER View of alleged Russian airstrike pictures posted by the Al Nusrah Front that included pictures of leaflets apparently dropped.

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