Russian airstrikes released by Russian MOD on the 05 October 2015

Latest video release and descriptions by the Russian MOD of airstrikes over Syria with:

The airstrike against an ISIS ammunition depot near Talbiseh settlement (Homs). A number of flashes shows that the bomb directly hit the target and caused detonation of a large number of munitions, their dispersion and a big fire. The object is completely destroyed.

The video features a large concentration of military hardware of an ISIS illegal armed group. Terrorists tried to hide it in the forest but in vain. After confirmation of data concerning the presence of militants in that area, they were engaged from the air.

Airstrike against an ISIS reactive artillery position near Jisr al-Shughur (Idlib). The camera registered the direct hit at the  multiple launch rocket systems, the military hardware and munitions detonated.

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