Russian MOD release latest alleged airstrike footage – 10 October 2015

Videos released by the Russian MOD today with description taken from its website:

Results of the airstrike made by Su-34 bombers against an ISIS command centre in the Raqqah province.

The direct hit of two air bombs was registered by a UAV. The facility was completely destroyed, large fire appeared.

Results of the airstrike against the ISIS fortified positions in the Aleppo province.

The direct hit of air bombs at the terrorist fortifications caused detonations of munitions and total destruction of the militants’ strong point.

Consequences of an airstrike on a concentration of military hardware.

It resulted in inflammation of vehicles and detonation of munitions.

Results of a strike with a BETAB-500 concrete-piercing air bomb against engineer facilities.

The direct hit caused total destruction of the facility.

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