Russian MOD release video footage of latest airstrikes over Syria – 11 October 2015

Youtube videos of Russian MOD released footage and descriptions of airstrikes over Syria (11 Oct 2015):

Air strike against strong point equipped by the ISIS terrorists in captured building in the area of Salma (Latakia province). As a result of direct hit the command and coordination center of the militants was destroyed.

Strike against fire positions of the ISIS detachment near Achan (Hama province). Air bomb direct hit at fortifications and shelters of terrorists caused position destruction and inflamed the vehicles and patrol storages.

Jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit positions of terrorists’ detachment in Latakia province. The ammunition detonated at the underground ammunition depot. The ISIS terrorists lost their opportunity to conduct active warfare.

Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated strong point of the “Islamic State” terrorists located near Dokmak. Direct hit of the air bombs caused large-scale fire. Armament, hardware and materiel of the militants, which were on the positions, were destroyed.

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