Dutch investigators release findings into the MH17 airliner shot down over eastern Ukraine last year

Dutch investigators have released their findings into the downing of MH17 that cost the lives of 298 people, confirming the long held belief that the airliner was shot down by a Russian made BUK missile, but stopped short of identifying the possible shooters.

They also questioned the logic of leaving airspace open over a known conflict zone in which Ukrainian military aircraft had been shot down prior to the disaster.

The state owned manufacturer of the BUK missile system Almaz-Antey claimed it was fired from a Ukrainian controlled area and was not caused by the current model in use by Russian military after conducting its own internal investigation.

Personal View:

It appears that rebels shot down the aircraft mistaking it on radar for a military aircraft (maybe a transport plane).

An account at the time allegedly belonging to Igor Girkin (Strelkov) posted on VK (Russian version of twitter) that they (the opposition) shot down an aircraft at a similar time to the downing of flight MH17, this was then redacted as reports first emerged of a civilian aircraft shot down.

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