Footage released by RT shows on going Latakia operation by Syrian Arab Army and associated militias

Warning: Footage may contain graphic scenes.

This video is not for glorification, it is to record the on going escalation and to provide further information on who the Syrian Arab Army and associated militias are fighting.

Notice the flags of the Islamic Front (previously posted about on The WIDER View here) on the damaged technical and strewn on the ground in the video.

Exactly which group of the Islamic Front was targeted is unclear.

It is described further below the video as the following: ‘The Syrian Army released footage of their troops during the operations in the rural areas outside of Latakia, Aleppo and Salma on Monday, against suspected Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants.’

It’s not an IS group so this description is inaccurate how ever it does share some similarities in terms of the vision for the future of Syria.

  • Youtube video – RT release (12 Oct 2015) – Syria: Syrian military releases explosive Latakia operation footage:

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