Russian MOD release latest airstrike video from their website – 12 Oct0ber 2015

Russian MOD release video and descriptions of latest airstrikes performed over Syria (12 Oct 2015):

Airstrikes against an ISIS training camp in the Idlib province.

The object was used as a big concentration point, where militants from different countries were trained. This is confirmed by radio interceptions, which registered talks among terrorists in several foreign languages.

The training base was detected by different means of reconnaissance. The facility had all the infrastructural elements necessary for housing and training of terrorists. There were hangars with military hardware, workshops for equipment of off-road vehicles with large caliber machine guns, depots for ammunition, armament and other equipment, park areas and zones for training of terrorists as well as dwelling facilities.

The pinpoint strike completely destroyed the large training centre of militants.

Precision strikes of Su-24M bombers against an ISIS transfer point with underground facilities located in mountain-woody area near Salma (Lattakia province). Direct hit of fragmentation air bombs resulted in total destruction and fire.

Results of an airstrike against a terrorist strong point near Ter-Tyana. The direct hit eliminated the fortified object completely.

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