IS spokesman urges followers to launch ‘holy war’ against Russia in revenge for bombing raids over Syria in new audio message

– Al-Adnani begins his audio by promising the defeat to the Crusaders (West and Russia) to Raafidis (Shiites) and Jews (Israel).

– Al-Adnani explained that all efforts to defeat the Islamic State are futile because the commanders who fall are replaced by a new generation.

– then, quote : “the Islamic state is stronger today than yesterday, while at the same time America is getting weaker and weaker… “America today is not just weakened, it has become powerless, forced to ally with Russia and Iran” … “Obama will go down in American history, such as the idiot Nuri al-Maliki for the Shiites in Iraq”.

– Al-Adnani confirmed the death of Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, senior official of the Islamic state.

– Then Adnani evokes the texts of Muslim tradition, referring to the final battle against the Crusaders in Dabiq (near Aleppo).

– Adnani continues to cite texts of Muslim tradition, justifying to refuse any compromise because : ” Islam dominates and is not dominated.”

– Then, al-Adnani evokes the “wise man of al-Qaeda”, which according to him are rather of “idiots”, implicitly referring to Zawahiri. (Zawahiri is called “the wise man of the Ummah” for al Qaeda Fighters and “the the idiot of the Ummah” for ISIS Fighters).

– Continuing to address the heads of AQ, he warned: “Die in your rage, we will do what we want, whether you like it or not!”.

– Al-Adnani said then declare themselves ready to fight all the jihadist groups, wherever they are, refusing to submit to the Caliphate. (a day before, al-Nusra Leader Julani said that he will fight every groups too).

– Adnani: “those who want to save their lives, will take refuge in mosques or their in homes during the next offensive of ISIS”.

– Then al-Adnani addresses to the Muslims, denigrating the moderate Islamist movements who hope to deal with the West. (al-Nusra leader Julani also say the same thing a day before).

– Then al-Adnani evokes migrants leave Syria to reach Europe, where he said Muslims are devoid of dignity.

– Calling again for jihad, al-Adnani called to fight America and Russia (which for the first time are put on the same level for ISIS).

– Finally al-Adnani is reassuring with respect to his troops: “the Islamic state has been there for almost ten years and it has always been.”

– Al-Adnani: “Rejoice because your state (Islamic State) will remain (baqiya) until doomsday!”.

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