New Sharia college allegedly set up in Idlib recently by Jaish al Fateh (Army of Conquest).

Al Qaeda in Syria’s Jabhat al-Nusrah associated twitter account shows the statement by Jaish al Fateh below (07 Oct 2015):

Jabhat al Nusrah affiliate showing Jaish al Fateh sharia college

Jaish al Fateh Sharia College

Jaish al Fateh is one of many coalitions seeking an Islamic State and is allegedly sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is not aligned with IS but holds similar views and ideology seeking to form an Islamic State in Syria and implement Sharia Law.

A rather limited report by the main stream media outlet the New York Times about the Army of Conquest recently is found below, which surprisingly calls the group a rebel alliance. It also states that groups covertly armed by the US are members or affiliates of the coalition.

Is it not irresponsible at best for Western countries to support and arm groups known to be operating on the battlefield with a Western deemed terrorist group, al Qaeda in Syria whom the whole Afghanistan invasion in 2001 was based on?

Vice News article from earlier this year reporting on the capture of Idlib by Jaish al Fateh groups, all the signs were there.

A rather supportive article by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier this year regarding the capture of Idlib Province by Jaish al Fateh groups.

This is another coalition being targeted by Russian airstrikes that Western politicians and main stream media outlets seem to refer to as moderate rebels because they are not IS.

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