Video posted on a Twitter account (described as Syrian non rebel) allegedly shows Jabhat al Nusrah members singing a sectarian song in Idlib during a protest (possibly organised by themselves).

Another flag is seen in the background at 10 seconds among the crowd of black flags, to be confirmed.

Not clear when this occurred, no date is given. It could be recent or even a few months ago when Jabhat al Nusrah and Jaish al Fateh (Army of Conquest) coalition made large gains in Idlib during April and May this year.

The Telegraph report in pictures highlighting this from 29 May 2015 titled ‘Al-Nusra Front rebels take Idlib’s last Syria regime bastion, in pictures’ here:

Strange that the al Qaeda group is referred to by The Telegraph as ‘rebels’ in this example, ‘dangerous terrorists’ or ‘extremists’ when referring to Afghanistan and indeed anywhere else that they are located.

Pro government twitter account - JAN

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