Fighting has continued unabated in Yemen and on Saudi Arabia’s southern border region with Yemen but there may be talks ahead.

SCUD missiles have allegedly been fired on numerous occasions from Yemen by Houthi and aligned militia forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh into Saudi Arabia, according to Press TV reports (see below):

Press TV video report (15 Oct 2015) – Yemeni forces hit airbase in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region with Scud missile:

Pro Houthi video (15 Oct 2015) – Alleged SCUD launch towards Saudi Arabia:

Pro Houthi video (26 Aug 2015) – Yemen fighters fired ballistic missile “Scud” R-17 targeting power plant area of Jizan 08/26/2015:

Meanwhile the Saudi Arabian led coalition airstrikes continue over Yemen and ground troops continue to operate in the country. Saudi Arabian media has said that most SCUD missiles launched from Yemen have been intercepted.

On the 18 October 2015, Arab News reported that Saudi coalition forces launched raids against SCUD plat forms and vehicles carrying munitions to counter the Houthi launches.

According to Associated Press, hundreds of Sudanese troops who are part of the Saudi led coalition have landed in Aden also to help secure it with an expected total of 10,000 in the near future Saudi security officials said.

Hezbollah and Iranian military personnel have allegedly been captured by Saudi forces in Yemen according to former Saudi Arabian Navy Commander Prince Sultan bin Khalid Al-Faisal although there doesn’t appear to be any solid proof at the moment.

Airstrikes continue over Yemen by Saudi led coalition Jets, the War Diaries video below allegedly showing some of these:

War Diaries video (10 Oct 2015) – Yemen War 2015 Rocket Attack and Saudi Arabia Air Strikes against Houthi:

On the 18 Oct 2015 Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat reported that proposed UN brokered talks over Yemen will be attended by the Internationally recognized government of Yemen and Houthi representatives.

This may be a glimmer of hope for a cease fire but that seems optimistic at the moment as The European Council on Foreign Relations stated in a report recently – “the conflict appears far from reaching a tidy conclusion, growing, if anything, more complicated by the day.”

There have been a number of human rights violations in the conflict from both sides with particular criticism towards the US and Saudi Arabia. The US is assisting in intelleigence and weapons supply, Saudi Arabia is delivering the majority of airstrikes.

Iran are apprently assisting the Houthis who have also been critised by Human Rights Watch for causing civillian casualties when attacking populated areas within Yemen after surging down from the north of the country in 2014.

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