Reuters – Third Russian air strike on Syrian rebel group kills leader

Russian airstrikes hit a group deemed moderate by the US and allies on three occasions so far with the latest killing a commander, fighters and civilians.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed 45 people had died, the group spokesman said 15 people had died.

The First Coastal Division has been armed by the US with anti-tank missiles among other things and also receives support from Gulf and Arab states. Delivery of supplies including anti-tank missiles has increased in the last two or three weeks although more is required according to opposition commanders.

Quote: FSA groups, often led by former Syrian army officers, have widely been eclipsed by jihadists including the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and Islamic State. Though they describe themselves as part of an army, they do not operate with a centralized command and control structure’.

This quote from the article highlights that Western deemed moderate rebels are in the minority and have been eclipsed by other fundamentalist groups and coalitions. This has been highlighted a number of times previously on The Wider View.

With this is mind and widely known, why do main stream media outlets and politicians continue to only focus on IS as being a threat?

Is it wise to continue backing moderate rebels with military aid who appear to be in the minority on the battlefield and known to operate with influential Western deemed terrorist groups?

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