France 24 video: ‘We’ll be here until the end’, Russian troops in Syria say – 22 October 2015

France 24 video (22 Oct 2015) – ‘We’ll be here until the end’, Russian troops in Syria say:

Russian soldiers filmed on the streets in Latakia, Syria. It will only be a matter of time before a soldier or soldiers are targeted, followed by more Russian troops being deployed into the country.

It could become a quagmire for Russia, opposing proxy sponsoring nations would ensure that they capitalised on the situation, keeping up supplies of weapons and munitions to varying opposition groups and coalitions.

After all, getting bogged down in Afghanistan during the 1980’s assisted in the Soviet collapse.

With Russia apparently struggling economically with on going sanctions and reduced oil prices, it could have major ramifications for Putin’s continuing presidency and the Russian Federation generally.

If losses increased, public opinion would inevitably change and the war would be a continuous financial drain.

Maybe Western politicians see a major opportunity in Russia’s current involvement.


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