Tweets by the pro opposition community indicate that a large scale offensive in Hama governorate has begun by Jaish al Fateh (Army of Conquest) made up of fundamentalist Islamic groups such as Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria), Ahrar ash Sham and Sham Legion.

They warn against communicating attack locations within Hama over open media to avoid benefiting the enemy.

Another account claims MANPAD’s (surface to air shoulder launched missiles) have ‘entered’ Syria and in the possession of opposition groups though there is no source given.

  • Youtube video (22 Oct 2015) – Jaish al Fateh Army announced the start of the Battle of Hama:

Twitter images below taken today:

Hama 1

Hama 2 Hama 3

Hama 4

Hama 5

Hama 7

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