• The WIDER View related post (11 Oct 2105):

For the Assad allies the support is predominantly Shia based with other International players assisting in military supply and foreign fighters.

It appears difficult to see what Syria would become if Assad’s government survived the war and claimed ‘victory’.

Would it become a more extreme (Shi’a) based Islamic state under Sharia Law which is what many Sunni opposition groups already call for aside from IS?

Would Assad seek to stay on as president or move aside in a transition over a period of time?

If Assad stepped down would there be a power sharing attempt by government and opposition political leaders, if so how long would it last?

Whatever happens, it is likely the country would remain highly volatile for years following ‘victory’ and sectarian based attacks on civilians will continue. Being subject to years of war will change many civilian opinions of their neighbours within Syrian communities, possibly for decades to come.

International proxy players will continue to try and influence the situation within Syria, adding to the almost impossible healing process that will be required.

Too much has been invested both politically and financially by proxy nations to stop until the situation reaches a palatable solution that suits the narrative at the time, whatever that may be.

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