For current and former service members of coalition ISAF forces in Afghanistan, it must come as some what of a kick in the teeth to see the Taliban and al Qaeda resurgent following the major draw down of troops in the country.

The resurgence of the Taliban has long been predicted by analysts, seen as inevitable regardless of what Western politicians and main stream media have said to their audiences.

President Obama has revised his policy of all troops leaving Afghanistan before the end of his presidency in 2016, now, just short of 10,000 troops will remain during most of 2016 and draw down to around 5,500 in 2017.

The Taliban has capitalised on the reduced ISAF troop numbers and the lesser skilled ANA forces. They now control a number of districts and challenge many more, recently highlighted with the Taliban’s Kunduz offensive (see previous posts on The WIDER View).

Again it seems that politics has scuppered what is required militarily to achieve the goals set out by politicians originally.

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