Video of Hisbah patrol (Sharia police) allegedly formed in Aleppo including moderate groups, then refuted in subsequent statements

Allegedly the Western backed moderate group Sultan Murad Brigade, backed due to their apparent inclusive and moderately Islamic outlook, was part of a newly formed Hisbah patrol in Aleppo along with the Nour al Din al zinki group then subsequently refuted by both.

The flag shown behind the seated group is unknown and will be updated here when there is confirmation.

  • Youtube video (24 Oct 2015) – The Sultan Murad Brigade, Ahrar al Sham and the Nour al Din al zinki group ‘along with others’ form a Hisbah Patrol in Aleppo:


The Sultan Murad Brigade is a Syrian Turkmen militia deemed moderate by the West, comes under the FSA banner and is actively supported through Turkey by the CIA which includes the supply and training of US TOW anti tank missiles.

Sultan Murad with TOW

However a statement released on the 25 October 2015 by the group denies their inclusion into the Hisba patrol in Aleppo. Maybe the members in the video do not really represent the alleged groups, orders from higher in the chain of command have stepped in and said no, or it is fake.

Sultan Murad deny Hisbah

The Nour al Din al zinki group, another Western deemed moderate group also in receipt of TOW anti tank missiles, has subsequently denied their involvement in the formation of a Hisbah patrol also on the 25 October 2015.

Nour al Dinki deny Hisbah

Fastaqim Kama Umirt is an opposition group in Syria that assisted in the formation of the Fatah Halab or Aleppo Miltary Operations Room (previously posted on The WIDER View here).

They have also released a statement refuting the alleged formation of a Hisbah patrol on the 25 October 2015:

unknown group deny hisbah

Hisbah is interpreted as the following:

Hisbah (Arabic: حسبة ḥisb(ah), or hisba) is an Islamic doctrine which means “accountability”. Hisbah is the divinely sanctioned duty of the ruler (government) to intervene and coercively “command right and forbid wrong” in order to keep everything in order according to Sharia, the laws of Allah.”

Hisbah patrols have been implemented by IS in territory they control as seen in this 13 August 2014 Vice News documentary – The Islamic State (part 3):


It seems that Western policy is to continue supporting groups that are known to associate closely with other groups or coalitions actively seeking a Sunni Islamic state in Syria with the implementation of Sharia Law.

These ideas are strongly opposed by Western politicians and main stream media when talking about IS or the Taliban, however such information is not made clear to the public when discussing Syrian opposition groups.

The Western narrative has remained the same regarding Syria but the reality on the ground appears to have changed a long time ago.

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