Tweet from Aleppo 24 shows alleged armed hisbah (religious police) walking in a neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria.

Aleppo hisbah patrol

  • Translation of Arabic text: ‘Spotted armed elements from the “hisbah” walking around today in the neighborhoods of Aleppo # images from Al sakhur neighborhood’

Al Sakhour locality to central Aleppo shown in google map images below:

al Sakhour 1

al Sakhour 2

The hisbah (religious police) has been introduced by IS in territory they control but it is not only attributed to IS.

Other fundamentalist groups and factions operating within Syria also want to introduce the hisbah in tandem with a wider goal of establishing Shariah Law in a newly formed Sunni Islamic state which includes Syria.

It is unclear who the group belongs to but once confirmed it will be updated here.

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