Reports and video suggest that parts of Baghdad International airport are on fire following possible missile attack

Twitter reports suggest that Baghdad International airport has been attacked today with possible missiles, maybe unguided Katyusha rockets or similar.

Possible target being Camp al Nasr (Camp Victory) which is a known US military installation on the grounds of the airport. This has occurred previously as reported by Vice News on the 22 September 2015:

Baghdad airport attack 1

Image of tweet (29.10.15)

  • Twitter link to video (29 Sep 2015) – Alleged missile attack on or near Baghdad International airport:


UPDATE (31 Oct 2015):

The attack was claimed by a Shi’ite fundamentalist militia in Iraq called the Al-Mukhtar Army. It was targeted against the People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI), an opposition group of Iranian exiles next to Baghdad International airport.

23 of the group were allegedly killed in the missile attack which the US has condemned along with the UN.

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