Russian military cheif Andrei Kartapolov releases statistics of Russian operations in Syria over the last month

Quote taken from website: “A month has passed since the start of operation of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The time has come to sum up certain results. In total, aircraft of the Russian air group have performed 1391 combat sorties engaging 1623 terrorist objects.

That includes:

  • 249 different command and communication centres;
  • 51 terrorist training camps;
  • 35 plants and workshops equipping cars with explosives;
  • 131 ammunition depots;
  • 371 strong points and fortified positions;
  • 786 field camps and different bases.”

As the propaganda war intensifies, large parts of the statement are reserved for attempts to rebuff reports made of indiscriminate airstrikes by the Russian Airforce, especially in Western main stream media outlets.

Quote taken from Statement: “As evidence, they present another photo collage or video footage of some ruins without reference to the place and time of the certain event.

Thus, the western media published another “hoax” concerning the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque supposedly demolished by the Russian strikes in Jisr al-Shughur (Idlib province).

Today the real picture is shown by the means of objective monitoring.

The photo, which was made yesterday on October 29, 2015, show this mosque.

The photo show in detail that the mosque suffered no damage.

That is why all the so-called revelations published by a number of respected publications is nothing but just a simple fabrication, which has no real factual basis.

I address once again to the western partners, which are trying to accuse the Russian Defence Ministry of indiscriminate strikes.

We know that every single moment spacecraft and reconnaissance aircraft are surveying the actions of the Russian Air Force in Syria.

That is why if the military departments of the NATO countries and other states want to accuse the Russian party of something, they have the opportunity to present all the specific facts and documents as the Russian Ministry of Defence does.”

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