Were the recent Russian Kogalymavia 9268 passengers victim to a terrorist attack?

  • Alleged IS Sinai Province statement regarding the crashed Russian passenger jet taken from a pro IS website (31 Oct 2105):

Alleged IS statement of Russian passenger jet

Speculation is running high as to what caused the Russian Kogalymavia 9268 passenger jet to crash over the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula on the 31 October 2015 as widely reported in main stream media outlets.

Some media outlets have stated that an Islamic State affiliate has claimed to have ‘shot down’ the Russian passenger jet while Russian and Egyptian authorities find this highly doubtful.

This is not strictly correct, the Islamic State Sinai Province has claimed to have ‘brought down’ the plane which, if true, could mean either a missile attack from the ground or a bombing of some kind on board the jet as it was in the air.

The airline company has stated:

“We are certain that neither technical malfunction nor pilot error.”

“The only possible explanation is a mechanical force acting on the aircraft, there is no combination of system failures that could have broken the plane apart in the air.”

The fact that the debris is spread over such a wide area (20 square kilometers or 8 square miles) suggests that the plane broke apart significantly at high level. No distress call was received from the pilot prior to the crash suggesting that whatever happened to the passenger jet, happened very quickly.

The Airbus jet had apparently undergone repair work due to a landing that meant the tail of the plane hit the ground before the rear wheels. The airline company has said this occurred before their ownership and the jet was repaired properly.

If a mechanical failure caused the plane to crash it would be expected that the plane debris would be scattered over a smaller area as the plane would typically remain in one piece or larger sections before hitting the ground.

It remains a mystery as to what actually happened to the Russian passenger jet although a catastrophic failure to the aircraft structure seems highly likely at this point. The located black box recorders should provide the essential information required to help ascertain what happened and what didn’t, once analysis has been completed.

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