• Youtube videos (02 Nov 2015) – Russian MOD airstrike videos and descriptions as presented on its website:

Airstrike against hangar with 10 cars fitted with explosive devices in Eastern Guta:

Su-34 performed strike against a plant, which produced explosive devices in Aleppo province:

As the propoganda war continues, the Russian MOD have also released information rebuffing wide spread Weastern main stream media reports of indiscriminate attacks. In particular an alleged medical facility that was attacked in Idlib, see below information taken from the Russian MOD website:

“It is to be reminded that a week ago the leading western media referring to the Syrian-American Medical Society, which is registered in the USA, accused the Russian Ministry of Defence of supposed bombing of hospitals by the Russian aircraft in the inhabited areas of Alays, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Al Zerba, Sarmin, Latamna.

This was done without any factual basis. As a pseudo-evidence, a video showing the demolition of a hospital in Sarmin settlement (Idlib province) was demonstrated.

Certain western media referring to anonymous sources claimed that in the course of the strikes of the Russian aircraft, 12 people were supposedly killed and about 30 were injured in that medical institution.

We have checked this information. It turns out that there is a hospital only in Sarmin. In Alays, Al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Al Zerba, and Latamna there are no hospitals and medical personnel.

These are photos of the hospital being constructed in Sarmin in 2014. Please, pay attention to the dome-shaped building in the upper left corner of the photo.

It is circled in red at the photo.

These are aerophotos of Sarmin town taken by the Russian aviation on October 31, 2015.

They demonstrate the hospital, located near dome-construction. As you can see, the building, where the hospital is situated, is absolutely undamaged. Moreover, the street suffered no damage.”

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