The video features the logo of Jund al Aqsa which is part of Jabhat al Nusrah. The sentiment of the video has been reported a number of times previously on The WIDER View as Jabhat al Nusrah and other fundamentalist Islamic groups seek to establish an Islamic state with the implementation of Sharia Law.

The Long War Journal reported on the 05 November 2015 the alleged partial or full capture of Morek by Jund al Aqsa as seen in the link below.

Little is mentioned of this in the Reuters report on the capture of Morek which appears to have been achieved under the FSA banner, although Jund al Aqsa appears to have played a significant role.

This raises questions regarding the policy of supporting moderate deemed groups to achieve a more democratic Syria that may co-operate with fundamentalist Islamic groups seeking to achieve an Islamic State.

below is an Image taken from Jund al Aqsa video release allegedly showing a tour of a recently captured area in or near Morek, the text below translates as: A tour of the city # Mork after editing the grace of God and the infinite’

Morek 1

Be aware that many other fundamentalist Islamic groups operate in Syria and have a similar view, this is not restricted to IS whom the main stream media continue to irresponsibly focus on.

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