Images are taken of the video ‘Caliphate Said and Done’, posted on a pro IS website on the 15 November 2015.

The video begins with main stream news reports and images of injured civilians being stretchered away into ambulances.

It then features a french speaking IS jihadist in the centre brandishing a Kalashnikov and a knife, surrounded by a number of members and threatening further attacks.

The video finishes with the French response and a final piece of text. A generally boastful and goading tone that seeks to justify its actions due to airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

New IS video 17

New IS video 1

New IS video 2

New IS video 3

New IS video 4

New IS video 5

New IS video 6

New IS video 7

New IS video 8

New IS video 9

New IS video 10

New IS video 11

New IS video 12

New IS video 13

New IS video 14

New IS video 15

New IS video 16

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