IS release latest Dabiq magazine (no. 12) glorifying the attacks in France and the alleged bomb used to down Russian passenger jet KGL9268

Boastful front cover to the latest IS magazine release regarding the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks in France.

IS front cover

Text extract from Dabiq (12):

IS France text

IS claim to show the bomb used to bring down Russian passenger jet KGL9268 over the Egyptian Sinai. It also shows alleged passports of victims, presumably taken from the crash site before Egyptian security forces and emergency services arrived at the site.

If this is the case, the IS affiliate group in the Sinai may well have positioned themselves in a pre determined area and detonated the device knowing to some extent where much of the wreckage would fall.

IS bomb and passports

Text extract from Dabiq (12):

IS Russian jet text

An article features allegedly written by John Cantlie. Forgotten by the main stream media, he was kidnapped by IS in Syria during 2012 and has featured in a number of previous IS video reports.

After such a long time in captivity it is difficult to say if John Cantlie is still acting under duress to maintain his life or in support of IS. The latter may sound unusual but Stockholm syndrome is a well known effect that can occur leading hostages to empathise and sympathise with their captives over time.

John Cantlie 1

John Cantlie 2

John Cantlie 3

John Cantlie 4

Near the very end of the magazine, two hostages are shown before and after execution.

The hostages are Norwegian citizen Ole Johan Grimsgaard and Chinese citizen Fan Jinghui, previously up for ransom by IS but obviously no ransom was paid.

Dabiq 12 hostages

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