Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria) allegedly released a new video (not confirmed) in which it’s supporter, Saudi Jihadi preacher Sheikh Abdullah al Mohaisany, allegedly thanks a Western deemed moderate group for providing anti tank weapons. The translated description on the video title isSham week program in Episode 16′ and features the Syrian opposition reporter Abu Bara (in black).

Syria Direct also reported on a bounty recently set by Sheikh Abdullah al Mohaisany, pledging SP150,000 bounty (approximately $678) for anyone who destroys a ‘regime war machine’ at a minimum 14.5mm technical (pickup truck carrying a mounted machine gun) –on the south Aleppo front.

According to Syria Direct an alleged media activist Abu Mahmoud al-Hamawi from Hama countryside said: ‘It’s a huge incentive for south Aleppo TOW teams, not only because of the money, but because Sheikh al-Mohaisany is extraordinarily well liked among rebel fighters.’ Al-Hamawi is referring to the Saudi’s funding and preaching for “jihadi factions.”

The flyer allegedly written by Abdullah al Mohaisany is shown below:

Saudi Cleric flyer

  • Youtube Video (20 Nov 2015):

The full video may not be as alleged or could be a propaganda video made during the time of Division 30’s entry into Syria following US weapons training and supply, directed by CIA operatives, who were subsequently ambushed in July 2015 by Jabhat al Nusrah and all supplies taken.

If the alleged description of this video is true, it proves once again that weapons and supplies make it through to unwanted groups regardless of planning and vetting procedures.

This outcome is particularly likely in Syria due to the close working relationship between Western deemed moderate democratic groups and fundamentalist Sunni Islamic groups.

This precarious relationship with influential groups, such as Jabhat al Nusrah and coalitions such as the Islamic Front or the Army of Conquest, has been highlighted many times on The WIDER View and will continue to feature as the situation in Syria evolves.

Nusrah and moderate friends

Nusrah and moderate friends 2

Nusrah and moderate friends 3

Nusrah and moderate friends 4

While IS continue to take the majority main stream media focus, Jabhat al Nusrah and other fundamentalist Islamic groups and coalitions, who also oppose IS continue to capitalise in Syria.

A more moderate Islamic view is being painted by large groups such as Ahrar al Sham and the Jabhat al Nusrah coalition Army of Conquest, who also oppose IS led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, but state similarities such as Syria becoming part of an Islamic state with the implementation of Sharia Law.

IS is seen by many fundamentalist Sunni Islamic groups as illegitimate and not formed with the majority consent of Muslim clerics and religious scholars, rather their view was imposed with the subsequent mass killing of Muslims not deemed to be true followers of the Muslim faith (including Sunni’s).

Fundamentalist Shia Islamic groups also operate in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon with many supporting the Shia Islam interpretation of Iran’s (now deceased) Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini including his theory towards Islamic governance – Velayat-e faqih.

This view also looks to, among many thing, establish a wider Islamic state as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini once said: “Establishing the Islamic state world-wide belong to the great goals of the (Iranian) revolution.”

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