Saudi Arabia will hold talks with Syrian opposition groups of all spectrum’s next month

According to Orient News, Saudi Arabia is to hold a conference next month, with the aim of unifying with 30 military factions from all spectrum’s of the the opposition.

This means both Western deemed moderate and fundamentalist Islamic groups.

  • Youtube video Orient News (20 Nov 2015) – 30 rebel faction meeting in Saudi Arabia next month:

Al Arabiya reported the upcoming conference on the 19 November 2015 stating that the conference is designed to bring together moderate opposition groups in order to present them as a united front in future negotiations.

The German based DPA press agency has also reported the meeting in an article dated the 21 November 2015, stating: ‘Another Syrian National Coalition official said 30 Syrian rebel groups would attend the Riyadh meeting, including the Free Syrian Army and the Islamist factions of Jish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham.’

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