FSA confirm capture of watch tower in Latakia but make no mention of al Qaeda’s assistance

According to the Syrian opposition RFS (Revolutionary Forces of Syria) Media Office representing alleged moderate democratic forces, has reported on the 27 November 2015 the capture of the watch tower in Jabal/Jebel Turkman by the 1st Coastal Division, as previously reported on The WIDER View.

Information Office of the forces of the Syrian revolution in the countryside of Latakia correspondent confirmed for the Free Syrian Army was able to control the Tower brightly Jebel Turkmens after violent clashes with the security forces and militias of him this morning.

UPDATE 30 November 2015 (English translated link added):

English translated link:

Original Arabic link:

They however fail to mention the undeniable presence of Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria) and the assistance it provided in capturing the same watch tower and surrounding area as proven in this previous post on The WIDER View below:

Images taken from the RFS Media Office article below:

RFS jabal turkman

RFS jabal turkman 2

The individual shown in the image above the headline is the alleged deputy commander of the 1st Coastal Brigade that shot at the parachuting Russian pilots as they descended from their downed SU24 over Latakia, Syria. He can be seen in the previous post by The WIDER View below:

Is it acceptable for Western deemed moderate democratic forces, supplied with aid and US TOW anti tank missiles following alleged rigorous CIA vetting procedures, to be working directly with al Qaeda in Syria?

Is it acceptable given the high cost paid in Afghanistan by military personnel and civilians when the reason for the invasion was the presence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan following 9/11?

Is the vetting procedure used by the CIA working, ensuring the correct use of tax payers money?

Will Western weapons and aid make their way to such groups as al Qaeda if they are working in close cooperation with Western deemed moderate democratic groups?

Is it acceptable for the FSA to with hold such information intentionally and therefore seek to deceive supporting Western nations?

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