Russian MOD release latest information on alleged airstrikes in Syria – 26 November 2015

  • Youtube videos (26 Nov 2015) – Russian MOD airstrike videos and descriptions as presented on its website:


S-400 AA missile system has been put on air defence combat duty at the Hmeymim airbase:

Guards missile cruiser Moskva arrived to the shore zone of Latakia for air defence of the region:

Airstrike on an ISIS large oil storage facility near Raqqah:

Results of an airstrike against an ISIS oil transfer centre to the south-east of Raqqah:

Engagement of a fortified militants’ position near Damascus:

Elimination of a militants’ oil transfer centre to the south-west of Raqqah:

SYRIA Strikes of the Russian aviation and multiple launch rocket systems of the Syrian governmental forces on a militants’ large fortified area near the evacuation zone of the Russian navigator of the SU-24M aircraft (‎Latakia province):

Objective monitoring data showing the strikes of the Russian aviation on a militants’ camp in the ‎Raqqah province:

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