Final report on Mount Zahiya (Bright tower) assault by Western deemed moderate and fundamentalist Islamic groups, Latakia, Syria

WARNING: Graphic content.

Following on from the first initial report on The WIDER View and subsequent findings, this is a round up of opposition groups involved in the reported assault.

The assault on the watch tower located at the top of a hill in the Jabal/Jebel Turkman region of Northern Latakia, Syria, took place towards the end of November 2015.

As of the 01 December 2015 seven groups appear to have been involved, all of which report the assalt on the watch tower and surrounding area, yet none made any mention of the other groups involved.

Three of these groups are deemed moderate democratic forces by Western media and politicians, four are fundamentalist Islamic groups in which two are demmed terrorist organisations by the US.

All groups posted images and videos on their respective twitter and youtube pages describing the assault and sebsequent capture of the area.

This consisted of assaults taking place in the vicinity of the watch tower and the watch tower itself. Most were released on the 24 November 2015, others within a few days of this date.

Confirmed Western deemed moderate groups involved are as follows:

  • 1st Coastal Division (CIA vetted and approved for aid and TOW missiles).
  • 2nd Coastal Division.
  • 10th Coastal Division/Brigade.

Confirmed fundamentalist Sunni Islamic groups involved are as follows:

  • Jabhat al Nusrah / al Qaeda in Syria (US deemed terrorist organisation).
  • Sham al Islam – Part of Jabhat Ansar al Din (US deemed terrorist organisation).
  • Ansar al Sham – Part of the Islamic Front coalition.
  • Ahrar al Sham – Part of the Islamic Front coalition.

Below are images and videos showing the same area under assault by all groups involved with supporting original descriptions and dates of release.

  • 1st Coastal Division released on the 24 November 2015:

1st Coastal Latakia

1st-coastal-3 mark up

Video description: Coastal coolest band first words of the highest hills in Mount Turkmen brightly after the control tower:


  • 2nd Coastal Division released on the 27 November 2015:

2nd Coastal tower 1

2nd-coastal-tower-2 mark up

2nd-coastal-tower-7 mark up

Video description: Brigades of the Second Division Coastal moment break into the bright Tower:


  • 10th Coastal Division released on the 24 November 2015:

10th Coastal Division 2

10th Coastal Division 1

Video description: In the Sahel : Mahars combing the surrounding mountain – bright in Mount Turkmen 11/21/2015:


Video description: edit bright tower – mount Turkmen ( clashes and sweep of the battlefield ) 24-11-2015:


Video description: in the Sahel / clashes while editing bright tower in Mount Turkmen 24-11-2015m:


  • Jabhat al Nusrah released on the 24 November 2015:

JAN-turkman 2 - mark up

JAN Latakia

JAN turkman mount twitter images


Video description: A meeting on the strategic importance of a hill brightly Jebel Turkmen and explain the details of the battle:


Video description: Scenes from the purge brightly hill Jebel Turkmen:


  • Sham al Islam (Part of Jabhat Ansar al Din) released on the 24 November 2015:

Sham al Islam 4

sham-al-islam-1 mark up


  • Ansar al Sham (Part of the large coalition the Islmaic Front) released on the 24 November 2015:

Video description: Ansar al- Sham – Reeve Latakia || Tour with the mujahideen in bright Tower Mount Turkmens after its liberation:


Video description: Ansar al- Sham – Reeve Latakia || Regained control of the tower bright Turkmen and Jebel al-Assad of it Dhrasabat:


  • Ahrar al Sham (Part of the large coalition the Islmaic Front) released on the 27 November 2015:

Ahrar al Sham watch tower

Official Ahrar al Sham official Twitter page.


  • Location of the watch tower assault:

The location of the watch tower area shown in the images and videos above appears to be at the top of a large hill, South of Chavkaran and East of Dereyort in Latakia, Syria.

Interestingly the location highlighted in the second image by the orange box, just North East of the hill (red box) translates from Arabic as ‘Bright’, the same reference used by Jabhat al Nusrah and the 1st Coastal Division when describing the watch tower as ‘bright hill’ and ‘bright tower’.

Other references made to the hill are Mount Zahiya / Zahia which translates from arabic as ‘brilliant’ or ‘bright’.

Watch Tower location Latakia 2

Watch Tower location Latakia

Watch Tower location Latakia 3


  • FSA report on the capture of the watch tower:

FSA release a report describing the watch tower and area around as now being under their control and credit the 1st Coastal Division ONLY for the capture. No mention is made of the other groups involved that include US terrorist deemed organisations.

Images taken from the official FSA media arm below showing the RFS Media Office article:

RFS jabal turkman

RFS jabal turkman 2

English translated link:

Original Arabic link:


  • Conclusion:

Is it acceptable for Western deemed moderate democratic forces, supplied with aid and US TOW anti tank missiles following alleged rigorous CIA vetting procedures, to be working directly with al Qaeda and US terrorist deemed organisations in Syria?

Is it acceptable given the high cost paid in Afghanistan by military personnel and civilians, considering the reason for the invasion was the presence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan following 9/11?

Is the vetting procedure used by the CIA working, ensuring the correct use of tax payers money?

Will Western weapons and aid make their way to such groups as al Qaeda if they are working in close cooperation with Western deemed moderate democratic groups?

Is it acceptable for the FSA to withhold such information intentionally and therefore seek to deceive supporting Western nations?

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