The Army of Islam (Jaish al Islam) leader, Zahran Alloush, was allegedly killed in a Russian airstrike on the 25 December 2015 in the suburbs of Damascus.

According to reports, the airstrike hit a location in which Zahran Alloush was holding a meeting and allegedly included other important attendees.

The Army of Islam or Jaish al Islam is a large and influential fundamentalist Islamic group, part of the Islamic Front coalition and the Mujahideen Shura Council.

A previous post on The WIDER View below provides two links to interviews with Zahran Alloush, in 2013 and 2015, giving insight into his views and aspirations regarding Syria.

It is to be noted that no confirmation of Zahran Alloush’s alleged death has been made on the Army of Islams official twitter page, Youtube page or website when this post was made.

The video below was released by al Mnanar Channel 3 on 25 December 2015 allegedly showing the airstrike that killed Zahran Alloush and others.

  • Youtube video al Mnanar Channel 3 (25 Dec 2015):


UPDATE 27 December 2015:

The Army of Islam (Jaish al Islam) has released a video statement and images allegedly showing a deceased Zahran Alloush, confirming that he has indeed been killed.



The Syrian government claim that they performed the attack while opposition members claim it was Russian Jets.

Following the confirmation of Zahran Alloush’s death, Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria), Jabhat Ansar al Din (al Qaeda affiliate) and Ahrar al Sham, large and influential fundamentalist Islamic Groups, have released statements proclaiming Alloush as a martyr.

JAN Condolence

Jabhat al Nusrah statement of condolence.

Islamic Front Condolence

Islamic Front statement of condolence.

Jabhat Ansar al Din condolence

Jabhat Ansar al Din statement of condolence.

A new leader has been appointed to replace Zahran Alloush as head of the Army of Islam, his name is Issam Buwaidani.

New Army of Islam head

New Army of Islam leader, Issam Buwaidani.

Further information can be found in an article by The Long War Journal released on the 26 December 2015 below.

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