IS have released a new video featuring alleged 13 November 2015 Paris attackers

Is have released a new video (25 Jan 2016) that features alleged individuals involved in the 13 November 2015 attacks in Paris, France.

Some individuals featured perform executions with captives wearing the familiar orange jump suits. All featured militants give lengthy statements regarding airstrikes and hostilities towards IS by coalition forces, especially France and the United Kingdom.

The video follows a similar pattern to previous releases, glorifying the attacks that took place in Paris. It features red targets on individuals shown in western media footage, both civilian and police / military personnel stating that every ‘disbeliever’ is a target.

Threats are made by the featured individuals that more attacks are assured and allege that the more air strikes are performed against IS, the more their ranks will swell.

IS want Western troops to be deployed against it and continue to pursue this goal, videos like this recent release are at least in part to further goad Western politicians into this course of action.

IS France 1

IS France 2

IS France 3

IS France 4

IS France 5

IS France 6

IS France 7

IS France 8

IS France 9

IS France 10

IS France 11

IS France 12

IS France 13

IS France 31

IS France 14

IS France 15

IS France 16

IS France 17

IS France 18

IS France 19

IS France 20

IS France 21IS France 22

IS France 23

IS France 24

IS France 25

IS France 26

IS France 27

IS France 28

IS France 29

IS France 30


Previous post of the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks on The WIDER View:

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