US and UK insist that Russia needs to stop attacking moderate rebels in Syria

The problem is that Western deemed moderate groups have and continue to work with Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria) and other fundamentalist Islamic opposition groups such as the Army of Islam, the Islamic Front, the Army of Conquest, Sham Legion, Ahrar al Sham, The Islamic Turkistan Party, Jabhat Ansar al Din to name a few.

Given that Jabhat al Nusrah and other fundamentalist Islamic groups are closely assisting moderate groups on various front lines on the ground within Syria, it is clear that such moderate deemed groups will be caught up in attacks by Russian and Syrian forces.

Proof of this close working relationship can be found in multiple previous posts on The WIDER View.

If the West genuinely want alleged moderate groups not to be caught in attacks by Russian and Syrian forces, then it should be made clear exactly who they are and they must disassociate themselves from fundamentalist Islamic groups that are openly assisting them.

Western main stream media outlets and politicians should be open about the continued close assistance of fundamentalist Islamic groups on the ground instead of the vague narrative that moderate groups are being targeted without any apparent reason.

The BBC’s Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet finally acknowledged the close working relationship of alleged moderate groups and fundamentalist Islamic groups in a interview with BBC News on the 12 February 2016:

Politicians and main stream media news outlets have failed to inform the public of this close working relationship and its true extent. Regardless, many more fundamentalist Islamic groups and coalitions are involved in fighting alongside Western deemed moderate groups which main stream media news outlets and politicians are yet to make clear.

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