Western deemed moderate groups form new coalition in Aleppo, Syria

Recently a number of Western deemed moderate groups have announced the formation of a new military coalition called Jaysh/Jaish Halab (Army of Aleppo), under the command of former Ahrar al Sham leader or emir Hashem al Sheikh.

According to The Long War Journal, the groups that have allegedly joined the newly formed coalition are the 101st Division, the 16th Division, the First Regiment, the Mountain Falcons Brigade and the Sultan Murad Division.

These groups are deemed moderate by Western politicians and main stream media news outlets and approved to receive military aid from the US including TOW anti-tank missiles.

All these groups have been proven on The WIDER View to be assisting or being assisted by fundamentalist Islamic groups and coalitions such as the Islamic Front, Jabhat al Nusrah (al Qaeda in Syria), the Turkistan Islamic Party, Jabhat Ansar al Din and the Army of Islam to name just a few.

This is despite some opposition leaders being against such an overt involvement of Jabhat al Nusrah on the ground. Regardless, it hasn’t stopped the close co-operation of Ahrar al Sham and Western deemed moderate groups working with Jabhat al Nusrah and other fundamentalist Islamic groups on a daily basis.

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