Reports that security forces are battling with locals in Awamiyah, Saudi Arabia

Reports coming from social media accounts suggest that there is an on going battle with security forces and locals in al Awamiyah, Saudi Arabia.

Al Awamiyah is situated in the East of the country with Oil pipelines located in close proximity to the majority Shia Muslim town.

It is unclear if the violence is related to demonstrations (banned by the Saudi government previously) although armed clashes have occurred before.

UPDATE 28 February 2016:

According to a pro Saudi Arabian Arab News report, the raid took place to capture a wanted terrorist, Bahraini national Ali Mahmoud Ali Abdullah, allegedly firing at troops who subsequently returned fire and killed him.

According to a pro Iranian Press TV report, protests have taken place by residents of al Awamiyah following the recent raid by security forces which allegedly killed one and injured another 26.

Al Awamiyah was the birth place of the recently executed Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and has subsequently seen angry protests by residents of the town.

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