US vetted Syrian opposition group Division 13 using approved US TOW missiles against US backed Kurds

Division 13, approved to receive US TOW anti-tank missiles release videos of recent TOW anti tank missile attacks against US backed Kurdish group the PYD / YPG.

The YPG recently expanded their territory further along the Turkish Syrian border following the recent offensive by the Syrian Arab Army and associated militias with Russian air support in northern Aleppo.

This helps to highlight the conflict of interests taking place in Syria and the difficulty of maintaining a coherent foreign policy that the US maintains it has. This is not to mention Shi’a militias backed by the US in Iraq but also operating in Syria on the side of the Assad government.

Videos and their descriptions below are taken from the Division 13 Youtube page, it is to be noted that the Kurdish group is the YPG and not the PKK.

  • Youtube video (16 Feb 2016) – The destruction of the band 13 Pickup SUV missile Jintao to the party bkk on a hill lifted by – appointed Dguenh countryside north of Aleppo 02/16/2016:


  • Youtube video (19 Feb 2016) – Band 13 cannon to destroy 23 missile Jintao to the militias bkk party in the vicinity of Tel filed 02/19/2016:


  • Youtube video (23 Feb 2016) – Band 13 Sniper targeting diezma 23 militia Hezbollah the missile pkk Jintao on the front of the eye Dguenh 02/23/2016:


  • Youtube video (24 Feb 2016) – 13 target band bulldozer to the party militias pkk missile Jintao on the front of the Tel:

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