Another VBIED attack in Ankara, Turkey tonight

It is being widely reported that another VBIED attack has occurred in Ankara, Turkey, with latest alleged casualty figures of at least 34 killed and at least 125 injured.

Quote from Hurriyet Daily News article link:

‘At least 34 were killed while 125 wounded people were at hospitals after an explosion hit central Ankara on March 13, Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has said in a press conference. A bomb-laden car caused the blast, the announcement Interior Minister Efkan Ala said at the same conference after a security meeting in Ankara.’

Following the attack, Turkey has banned social media sites Facebook and Twitter to allegedly prevent victims images being posted.

This also follows an earlier attack in Ankara, reported on The WIDER View previously that allegedly targeted Turkish soldiers. With each atrocity, Turkeys government builds momentum to justify wider reaching action to combat terrorists in Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The latter being interlinked with Turkeys desire to see opposition groups taking control of the Syrian / Turkey border currently occupied by the Kurdish YPG.

UPDATE: 14 March 2016:

According to Turkish officials, the death toll has now risen to 75 with a further 120 people injured. According to evidence allegedly obtained at the bomb site, one of the attackers was a female from the PKK (it is thought that the attack involved two individuals).

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), a group consisting of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrians, Armenian, and Turkmen militias has released a statement condemning the attack.

The SDF has worked with the Syrian Arab Army and associated militias during 2015 and 2016.

UPDATE: 17 March 2016:

The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks/Falcons (or TAK) have claimed responsibility for the latest bombing in Ankara, the same militia that claimed responsibility for another recent VBIED attack, again in Ankara on the 17 February 2016.

They have released a statement and a picture of an alleged female attacker responsible for the bombing:


To add further fuel to the fire, the PYD (The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party) have declared an autonomous federation called ‘Rojava – northern Syria’ today (17 Mar 2016) in territories it controls in Northern Syria.

This will further aggravate Turkey with possible troop deployment soon to follow. Should this occur, would the US and Russia continue to back the Kurds as they have against IS and other fundamentalist groups or will they be left to face Turkey alone?

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