After assisting each other on the battlefield previously, Division 13 and Jabhat al Nusrah are now in conflict

Jabhat al Nusrah and Jund al Aqsa have allegedly attacked the HQ of western deemed moderate group Division 13, alleging that Division 13 fighters attacked and arrested a number of it’s fighters in Maarat al Numan, Idlib, Syria.

Before this apparent disagreement, the two groups have assisted each other many times on the battlefield in Syria, links showing this co-operation can be found at the bottom of the post.

  • Statement released by Jabhat al Nusrah (12 Mar 2016) – On the assault of the faction (al Furqah 13) upon our headquarters and soldiers in Ma’arat al Nu’man City:

JAN - on-the-assault-of-the-faction-al-furqah-13-upon-our-headquarters-and-soldiers-in-maarat-al-numacc84n-city 1


  • Statement released by Jabhat al Nusrah (13 Mar 2016) – About the recent events with al Furqah 13:

JAN - on-the-assault-of-the-faction-al-furqah-13-upon-our-headquarters-and-soldiers-in-maarat-al-numacc84n-city 2

Division 13 denied any involvement in any attacks or arrests of Jabhat al Nusrah fighters but it has not stopped Jabhat al Nusrah from attacking them, allegedly confiscating weapons and ammunition.

  • Statement released by Division 13 (12 Mar 2016) – Alfrqh 13 statement regarding the attack on the headquarters of Jbhh nasrh band. Aljeic ahar Marh alneman:

Division 13 statement 1

UPDATE: 14 March 2016:

Jabhat al Nusrah has requested that the issues be rectified with the guidance of independent Sheikhs and scholars within a Sharia Court. Division 13 has allegedly accepted the proposal by Jabhat al Nusrah to solve the dispute.

Despite this, the official Twitter page for Division 13 has reports of continued operations by Jabhat al Nusrah today such as the following:

  • Tweet by official Division 13 account (14 Mar 2016) – Maart today still Jbhh nasrh arrests and raiding homes in Alfrqh 13 elements Marh alneman campaign affect anyone suspected of having links Division:

Division 13 tweet 1

  • Tweet by official Division 13 account (14 Mar 2016) – Demonstration for free Marh alneman demanding the return of Alfrqh 13 and denounced abuses Jbhh nasrh:

Division 13 tweet 2

UPDATE: 16 March 2016:

  • English translation of Jabhat al Nusrah statement regarding events with Division 13 (15 Mar 2016):

JAN statement 1

JAN statement 2

JAN statement 3

JAN statement 4

Previous posts on The WIDER View showing co-operation between US backed Division 13 and Jabhat al Nusrah and US backed Division 13 attacking US backed Kurds:

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