IS have targeted a military base housing US marines in Makhmur, Northen Iraq

IS have attacked a recently established military base in Makhmur, south eastern Nineveh, Iraq yesterday the 21 March 2016. According to the US DoD (Department of Defense) the new firebase is:

‘providing force protection to Iraqi and coalition forces who are occupying a tactical assembly area in Makhmur as part of the force generation associated with the liberation of Mosul. A small contingent of Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit began moving into position at the newly constructed firebase about two weeks ago.’

IS claim to have undertaken a commando attack by allegedly infiltrating a location near the base after targeting it with two Grad rockets, then allegedly clashing with US soldiers using small arms. It states that casualties inflicted on US personnel during the attack was unclear.

Iraqi News reported the attack and quoted Steve Warren, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, as saying:

“Ten members of ISIS attacked the external security point of the American base in Makhmur using light weapons, without causing any casualties.”

Warren added, “The base guards repulsed the attack and killed at least two members of ISIS,” pointing out that, “Washington believes that ISIS targeted the base deliberately.”

This latest failed attack follows a recent rocket attack by IS on the same base (possibly Grad rockets or similar) on Saturday the 19 March 2016, killing one US serviceman and wounding several others.

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