Despite John Kerry’s claims that al Qaeda is ‘neutralized’ as an effective fighting force, al Qaeda continue to grow

As previously reported on The WIDER View on the 21 November 2015, John Kerry claimed that al Qaeda’s top leadership has been ‘neutralized’ as an effective force.

He said this despite US and Afghan forces having to attack and dismantle, according to US Army Gen. John F. Campbell, ‘probably the largest’ al Qaeda training camp found in the 14 year Afghan war the previous month.

Al Qaeda have continued to expand in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen in particular and seemingly able to operate in plain sight in Syria and Yemen.

Following US and British troop withdrawals from Afghanistan in 2014, driven by political forces rather than the reality on the ground and despite military advice, the US has sent more troops back in this year.

Though relatively small in number it shows that Afghanistan is still a headache for the US with al Qaeda far from ‘neutralized’ and the Taliban resurgent, even before their newly announced spring offensive on the 12 April 2016.

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