Chaos in the middle east, and us

The constant hypocrisy of confused and contradictory Western foreign policies have had a massive impact on the middle east. The main drivers of these contradictions and hypocrisies are predominantly two fold, energy supply and the spread of ideology.

First, morale and legal arguments made to justify conflict, proxy support and intervention while at the same time backing states that tick the very same box’s used to justify conflict, proxy support and interventions of others.

The morale arguments used to justify such actions are hollow and meaningless. What ultimately matters is stable energy supply and the maintenance of this (national interest) which requires the backing of nations like Saudi Arabia even if it is wholly contradictory to western ideals.

Second, the morale and legal arguments made to justify conflict, proxy support and intervention based on the ideology of spreading democracy, freedom and liberty.

It is deemed that the spread of democracy around the world, by force if necessary, is for the greater good of the world. This may be true in theory but in reality has had catastrophic consequences through poor post conflict planning and understanding of target countries which are often based on tribal structures.

This in turn has subsequently unleashed forces way beyond anything the West can control, much of this we see today.

Examples such as, but not limited to, the growth of fundamentalist Islamic groups, the creation of ever more extreme groups, failed states that enable such groups to flourish and the uncontrolled mass migration of refugees, the largest since World War Two.

It is no coincidence that the majority of refugees that have and continue to impact the EU so much reportedly hail from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, despite politicians & main stream media news outlets avoiding this obvious connection.


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