As the conflict in Syria continues, the civilian casualties keep piling up

As previously reported, the conflict in Syria is continuing between Western deemed moderate and fundamentalist Sunni Islamic opposition groups against Syrian government forces and allied militias including fundamentalist Shi’a Islamic groups.

Areas throughout Syria have seen continued fighting after the cessation of hostilities agreement came into force.

Southern Aleppo in particular has seen an upsurge on the 01-02 April 2016 with offensives led by fundamentalist Islamic groups such as Jabhat al Nusrah, Ahrar al Sham, the Army of Islam, Sham Legion and Western deemed moderate groups such as Division 13, the Liberation Army and the Levant Front.

Syrian government forces assisted by Iranian backed militias have attacked multiple areas held by IS, fundamentalist Islamic opposition groups and western deemed moderate groups assisting them.

Assaults on both sides continue to increase civilian casualties caused by airstrikes (guided or unguided ordnance), heavy weapons (tanks, technical’s and artillery pieces), mortars (including ‘hell cannons’), unguided missiles (including crude ‘home made’ versions), RPG’s, anti-tank missiles, IED’s, VBIED’s, light and heavy machine guns and suicide attacks.

Recent atrocities include airstrikes (unclear who actually carried them out), reportedly hitting  al Quds hospital killing a number of civilians and hospital staff in Aleppo and shelling by both government and opposition groups in Northern Aleppo.

On the 28 April 2016, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric stated that the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attacks, ‘as well as terrorist tactics by extremists’. He also urged the US and Russia ‘to exert pressure on all concerned to stop the fighting and to ensure credible investigations of incidents such as the attack on Al Quds hospital’.

Kurdish fighters continue to defend and expand their territory with recent fighting in Qamishili against Syrian government and allied forces and Afrin against opposition groups.

IS and its allied groups / tribes are still a major force in Syria fighting both opposition, Kurdish and Syrian government forces including allied militias. Recent examples such as offensives in Northern Aleppo, East and South (Yarmouk Camp) Damascus, Deir Ez Zor and areas South, East and North East of Palmyra show that they will not be defeated any time soon.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, often quoted by main stream media news outlets as an accurate source of information, 123 civilians have been killed by government attacks and airstrikes on opposition held areas and 71 killed by opposition groups shelling government controlled areas in Aleppo this week.

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