Latest offensive in Southern Aleppo by fundamentalist Sunni Islamic groups described as rebels and freedom fighters by main stream news outlets

As reported by The Long War Journal on the 6 May 2016, fundamentalist Sunni Islamic groups such as the Jaish al Fatah coalition (Jabhat al Nusrah, Ahrar al Sham, Ajnad al Sham, Liwa al Haqq, and Jaysh al Sunna) are currently involved in offensives in southern Aleppo.

Other such groups include Jund al Aqsa and the Turkistan Islamic Party, both regarded as extreme Jihadist groups.

All groups mentioned above have released images, videos and tweets showing their battles and on-going offensives as seen in The Long War Journal link.

However the deceitful, misleading narrative continues from main stream media news outlets to their audiences despite large amounts of information being widely available showing the true nature of fundamentalist Islamic groups mentioned previously.

Sky News describe the fundamentalist Islamic groups taking part in current offensives as ‘rebels’ and ‘freedom fighters’. They also feature Jabhat al Nusrah’s drone footage taken during the latest offensive on Khan Tuman.

Sky News article quotes:

‘Dramatic aerial footage has emerged of rebel fighters in Syria bombarding government forces with a sustained missile attack to seize a village near the city of Aleppo.’

‘The offensive was launched by a union of freedom fighters known as Jaish al-Fatah, including the al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front.’


BBC News mentions Jabhat al Nusrah being an al Qaeda affiliate but again uses the term rebels, masking the true reality of groups involved in the recent offensives in south Aleppo.

The BBC’s deceptive, misleading opposition narratives also extend to ‘moderate’ and ‘democratic’ forces. The BBC continues to lack any detail regarding opposition groups involved on the ground and consistently fail to make clear the prevalence and aspirations of such groups. This lack of detail has continued throughout the conflict in Syria.

BBC News article quote:

‘To the south of Aleppo, combat continues between the Syrian army and rebels including the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate that is not included in the cessation of hostilities.’


Al Jazeera describes the groups as rebels led by Jabhat al Nusrah and mentioning Ajnad al Sham but again deceptively describing other groups involved as ‘other factions’.

Al Jazeera quotes:

‘Syrian rebels have captured a strategic village outside of Aleppo that could open up new supply routes for rebel-held areas of the city.

Fighters led by the al-Nusra Front took control of Khan Touman to the south of Aleppo on Friday, shortly before a 48-hour truce in the city was due to come to an end.’

‘Sources told Al Jazeera that groups involved in the attack included Ahrar al-Sham, Ajnad al-Sham, and other factions under the command of the Army of Conquest.’


Reuters describe the groups involved more accurately as ‘Islamist insurgents’ and rebels but also state that no groups that come under the FSA banner were taking part in the assault according to an Aleppo based FSA group.

Reuters Quote:

‘Rebels seized a village from government forces near Aleppo overnight, a monitoring group and rebel sources said on Friday

‘The attack was launched by an alliance of Islamist insurgents known as Jaish al-Fatah, including the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front’

‘Groups fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, which have mostly supported diplomatic efforts in Syria, were not taking part in the attack, a fighter from one Aleppo-based FSA group told Reuters.’


This however seems at odds with official tweets by the western deemed moderate and FSA group Division 13.

Western deemed moderate group Division 13, approved to receive US made TOW anti-tank missiles, has assisted fundamentalist Islamic groups in their offensive on Khan Tuman.

Division 13 has posted tweets on it’s official Twitter account showing an injured fighter and stating that the injury was sustained on the Khan Tuman front. They also show a mortar team allegedly shelling Syrian government and associated militia forces in southern Aleppo and a TOW missile strike, again on the Khan Tuman front.

Division 13:

  • Official tweet from Division 13 Twitter page (08 May 2016) – Media Gull Maari on the front of Khan Tuman injury Rev_halb_aljnobi # # # Alfrqh_13 Aljeic_alsora_ahar:

Division 13 Khan Tuman 2


  • Official tweet from Division 13 Twitter page (08 May 2016) – Aljeic_alsora_ahar Alfrqh_13 targeting regime forces’ positions with mortars in the # Rev_halb_aljnobi:

Division 13 Khan Tuman 3

  • Youtube video Division 13 official page (11 May 2016) – Alfrqh_13 destroy Cornet Forces base a missile system # Jintao on the front # Khan_thoman Brive Aleppo south:

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