As reported by BBC News today, Mohammed Alloush, chief negotiator of the High Negotiations Committee or HNC has resigned sighting a lack of progress in the Geneva talks.

Some additional detail distinctly lacking from the BBC report linked above is that Mohammed Alloush is also the head of the large and influential fundamentalist Sunni Islamic opposition group Jaish al Fatah or the Army of Islam.

It has and continues to co-operate on the battlefield with other fundamentalist groups such as the Islamic Front, Ahrar al Sham and Jabhat al Nusrah, also releasing joint statements highlighting such allegiances.

A few examples of this can be seen below, statements released by the Army of Islam are also translated into English.

Army of Islam statement 1


A joint statement from the militant factions

In the name of Allah , the All-compassionate, the All-Merciful

We , the Jihadist factions in the Eastern Ghoutah and according to the statement of the judicial council issued on 27 Shaban 1435 H -25/6/2014 , announce the following  for our people in the Eastern Ghoutah:

1 – The faction of the State of Levant and Iraq considers the Jihadists in the Eastern Ghoutah from all the factions as apostate and unbelievers whether they are leaders or members and shed their blood .

2 – The faction of the State did not to the respond to Allahs  Almighty  judgment  when the judiciary council of the Eastern Ghoutah called them to that judgment unlikely to Allahs the Mighty saying : “ The response of the believers, when they are invited to Allah and His Apostle that he may judge between them, is only to say : We hear and we obey; and these it is that are the successful” {An Noor} – [51]

The history of this faction, all over Syria, proves that it  behaves as the  Kharijites who previously  shed blood of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) after making them infidels and they are playing the same game with the Jihadists now in Syria in the same way.

According to what said , we call all the affiliates for this faction to surrender completely and surrender themselves and their weapons to the joint committee at Al Asha ari barrier immediately and register their repentance as is known.

The Army of Islam was lead by Zahran Alloush until his death from an alleged airstrike in December 2015.

While being overlooked entirely by Western politicians and main stream media news outlets, it is also the group that notoriously executed 18 IS fighters in graphic fashion, copying the style of IS but reversing the prisoners clothing colour to black and the executioners colour to orange.

The link to this video by the Army of Islam is found below, be warned that the content is extremely graphic.

Given the reasons of support for opposition groups cited by Western politicians and main stream media news outlets such as the creation of a free, democratic Syria, it appears strange that the chief negotiator representing the alleged moderate opposition in peace talks would also be the head of a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic group. A group that does not wish to see a Western style democratic system in Syria and undertakes acts of savagery akin to IS whom they oppose.

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