Amaq Agency have released a video of the Afghan attacker that allegedly hacked and stabbed people on a train in Wurzburg, Germany

IS media arm Amaq Agency have released a video of the 17 year old Afghan that filmed himself threatening attacks, possibly in the bedroom of the German family home that had taken him in as a refugee.

Allegedly self radicalized, it appears that the video was sent to Amaq after filming which would enable IS to claim any attack committed there after.

The subsequent attack was undertaken on a train in Wurzburg on the 18 July 2016 using a knife and an axe resulting in four people injured, three seriously with a number of others treated for shock.

IS then released a statement alleging to have inspired the attacker and claiming him as a ‘soldier’ of the caliphate.

Screen shots are taken of the video showing the alleged attacker below.

Afghan attacker Germany 1

Afghan attacker Germany 2

Afghan attacker Germany 3

Afghan attacker Germany 4

Afghan attacker Germany 5

Afghan attacker Germany 6

Afghan attacker Germany 7

Afghan attacker Germany 8

UPDATE: 20 July 2016:

The attackers name has been reported as Muhammad Riyad.

German media have reported that Muhammad Riyad shouted Allahu Akhbar miltiple times while assaulting train passengers.

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