Members of the Western deemed moderate group Nour al Din al Zenki have beheaded a young boy, Handarat Camp, Aleppo


Western deemed moderate group the Nour al Din al Zenki Movement have beheaded a young boy at Handarat Camp, Aleppo according to images released by members of the group.

The young boy (reportedly 11-13 years of age) was an alleged Palestinian al Quds Brigade fighter according to some reports, other reports suggest he was taken from a hospital and beheaded.

Two of the images show a medical drip still fixed to the boys arm and strapped to his waist.

Despite being described as an alleged moderate ‘FSA’ group, actions such as this and the close co-operation with Jabhat al Nusrah would suggest that the group is far from moderate. The same applies to any group assisting Jabhat al Nusrah or its close affiliates such as Jabhat Ansar al Din or the Turkistan Islamic Party.

The brutal killing further highlights the deceptive narrative that has persisted by Western politicians and main stream media news outlets throughout the conflict when describing opposition to Assad and IS.

The broad brush, simplistic narrative of Assad and IS bad, FSA and other opposition groups good, has been used throughout the conflict to ruthless effect despite the complexity of the Syrian conflict.

In an interview with Andrew Marr on the 17 April 2016, Conservative MP David Davis described his recent visit to Damascus. He heard from, as he describes ‘very credible NGO’s on the ground’ that there are no opposition groups operating on the battlefield that the West could describe as moderate.

The Wider View will continue to report on the reality regarding opposition groups in comparison to the justification given by Western politicians for supporting such groups.

Zenki Movement 1

al zenki attrocity

Zenki Movement 2

Zenki Movement 3

Since the footage has emerged, Nour al Din al Zenki have released a statement claiming that the perpetrators have been detained and turned over to an apparent self formed judicial committee for investigation.

al Zenki 2

al Zenki 1


Previous examples of Nour al Din al Zinki working with Jabhat al Nusrah:

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